Model Tony is comfort brought to the maximum level. The stitchings emphasize the soft design, while the supporting areas such as seats and backs emphasize the personality and refinement. Inside a technology heart.

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Technical Description

  • THICK STITCH: Available as option
  • STRUCTURE: Hardwood frame for extra strength
  • SEAT/BACK SUSPENSION: Reinforced elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK CUSHIONS: High density ecologic polyurethane foam with coil springs built inside the cushion covered with a layer of memory foam on top
  • REMOVABILITY: Not possible
  • MECHANISMS = Each seat has two separate motors, one for the headrest and one for the footrest
  • BATTERY PACKS: Available as option
  • USB PORT: Available as option
  • Tray: Wooden matt black finish is available upon request on console
  • CUP HOLDER: Available as option
  • FOOT OPTION 1: Stainless Steel Finish
  • FOOT OPTION 2: Stainless Steel Bronze Finish