Montgomery sofa

Montgomery is characterized by a special design where the seat and backrest cushions are rested on a linear frame offering a sartorial arm detail. Wide seat patterns offer this model a true sense of charisma.

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Technical Description

  • THICK STITCH: Not Aavailable
  • STRUCTURE: Hardwood frame with metal insert for extra strenght
  • SEAT/BACK SUSPENTION: Reinforced elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK CUSHIONS: Ecologic open cell polyurethane foam covered with a layer of dacron wadding
  • REMOVABILITY: Arm, back and seat cushions
  • FOOT OPTION # 1: Stainless steel feet
  • FOOT OPTION # 2: Metal feet smoked bronze fumè finish
  • OPTION # 3: Side belt arm detail
  • COVERING: Full leather