The arms and backrest become a real alcove. The comfort here is total, thanks to the power motion technology which follows the body’s movement. Then to the comfort, you add quality and design, which allows to discover new furniture solutions tailored to everybody’s own idea of the Living Area.

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Technical Description

  • DECOR STITCH: Type “I” Available as option
  • THICK STITCH: Available as option
  • STRUCTURE: Hardwood frame for extra strength
  • SPRING SYSTEM: Reinforced Elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK SUSPENSION: Reinforced elastic webbing
  • SEAT/BACK CUSHIONS: Hight density ecologic open-cell polyurethane foam with coll springs built inside the cuschion, covered with a layer of memory foam on top
  • REMOVABILITY: Not possible
  • MECHANISMS: Each seat has two separate motors, one for the headrest and one for the footrest
  • BATTERY PACK: Available as option
  • USB: Available as option
  • FOOT OPTION 1: Stainless steel feet
  • FOOT OPTION  2: Stainless steel feet bronze finish